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Stephanie Osser

Stephanie Osser
Workshop Teacher Art Teacher
Needham, MA
This conference is so full of learning opportunities for me to understand what matters for Art Educators today, as I have started a new chapter in my career as a life long artist. And, I hope to make connections with teachers and schools and program coordinators hiring outside artists to present workshops in Boston area schools. Collaborations with other artists and teachers would be wonderful too. Pre-School through 6th grade would be my main interest.
My background: I am a non-fiction book and editorial illustrator having illustrated non-fiction books and text books for children, plus cookbooks and a craft book for the Jim Henson Muppets workshop craft book (art projects I can teach), and editorial articles for magazines and newspapers.
For the past 18 years I have developed a new body of work as an illustrator in porcelain making stage designs, architectural ceramic tiles, and most recently Lithophanes-translucent illustrated images that magically appear when back lit.
I am excited now about sharing what I know, my many techniques with crafts material from recycled cardboard (colorful cereal boxes for making birds, etc.) polystyrene (best known as Shrinky Dinks, requiring a toaster over) and ceramics, clay (if there is a kiln available).
I have been teaching the making of Chinese inspired Shadow Puppets, and other crafts, at the Tufts Floating Hospital for Children, a local Pre-School, and the Elm Bank Children's Programs run by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. With more time, I hope to work on long term projects to create original stories and shadow puppet characters, with performances by Pre-School through Elementary School age children especially. I'd like to work with teachers and parents to provide instruction with materials, and focus on the curriculum taught in their programs.

I was invited to make animal necklaces out if colorful recycled cereal boxes on a wearable art day with The Boston Children’s Museum in June 2020.